A food composition database for Bangladesh with special reference to selected ethnic foods

Research Grant Reports

A food composition database (FCD) provides essential information on the nutritive value of foods for which updated data is available. FCD is the basis for planning food, nutrition and health related policy tools.  Bangladesh is in the process of revisiting the existing FCD, with the purpose of updating and analyzing the nutrient composition of general and ethnic foods. The present study has been undertaken to prepare a FCD with special reference to general and ethnic foods.  The study was designed to (i) conduct a comprehensive food consumption survey (CFCS) among general and ethnic populations to identify the key food items and (ii) carry out analysis for nutrient values of key food items. The CFCS was conducted on a randomly selected sample of 2015 households covering 1210 general and 805 ethnic households. A total of 75 general and ethnic key foods have been selected for analysis of 22 nutrients and calorie.  Validated standard and AOAC methods have been employed for analysis of the nutrients in the selected 75 key foods. The nutrient profiling comprised proximate principles such as protein, fat, carbohydrate, dietary fiber, phytate, selected micronutrients and related compounds such as total carotenoids, β-carotene, vitamin C and minerals.  Nutrient data obtained have been compared with reported values published in different articles and books, most of which are consistent with the reported value. The data has been compared with the Indian FCT and the Thai FCT. This food composition database would serve as an important primary source for updating FCT in Bangladesh which is an essential tool in food policy planning and program.